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All real estate licensees in North Carolina are required to complete 8 hours of Continuing Education (CE) each year during the licensing period (July 1st to June 10th). This includes a 4-hour course of either a General Update (GENUP) or, if you are a Broker-in-Charge/Broker-in-Charge Eligible, the Broker-In-Charge Update (BICUP) Course. CE also includes an additional 4 hours of an approved elective, either in class or online.

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Required Classes


The 2022/2023 Mandatory Update (Course #9923)


1: Material Facts 

2: Dual Agency 

3: Law and Rules Updates 

 4: Licensing and Education

The 2022/2023 Broker In Charge Update (Course #8823)


1: Material Facts

 2: Dual Agency 

3: BIC Responsibilities 

4: Law and Rules Updates 

5: Licensing and Education


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By taking a quality real estate class taught by professionals, you equip yourself with the information and skills that will prepare you for success in your real estate career.

To accommodate all prospective students of our CE courses, Cardinal School of Real Estate offers a wide range of convenient days and times, including weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. All licensing classes will be held at our conveniently located conference location at 1315 Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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