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To accommodate all prospective students of our licensing course, Cardinal School of Real Estate offers a wide range of convenient days and times, including weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. All licensing classes will be held at our conveniently located conference location at 1309 Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, North Carolina.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no options for payments other than payment in full.

Current License Course Schedule

Get Your North Carolina Real Estate License

Our Broker Licensing Course is an introductory-level real estate principles and practices course. This the first step in the process of achieving your North Carolina Real Estate Broker license. This class must be completed with a passing score on the final course exam, otherwise you will not be eligible to sit for the state exam, which grants your license. 

The primary objectives of this course are (1) to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as a licensed real estate broker in a manner that protects and serves the public interest, and (2) to prepare students for the real estate license examination.

The total number of hours required for this course, including school examination, is 75 hours. We may at our discretion make classes for longer than 75 hours to allow us to expand on trouble topics. Satisfactory completion of this course will qualify the student to take the North Carolina real estate license examination.

Major topics addressed in this course include:

Basic real property law

Property taxation

Land use controls

Environmental hazards

Brokerage relationships and practices

Property insurance

North Carolina real estate license law

Real estate contracts

Real estate financing

Closing real estate transactions

Real estate valuation

Fair housing

North Carolina Real Estate Commission rules

Landlord and tenant

Property management

Federal income taxation of real estate

Basic house construction

North Carolina Trust Account guidelines

General Licensing Course Information

Students are not required to have any formal educational background, but the course follows a challenging curriculum to prepare licensees for their professional responsibilities, and requires good reading comprehension and basic math skills. As such, a high school diploma or equivalent is strongly recommended. There is a minimum age requirement of 18.

The final exam is a comprehensive test covering all prescribed subject areas and all sessions. It constitutes 100% of the student’s final grade. Students must pass with a score of 75% or higher. Instructors will provide a comprehensive review, including a review sheet, prior to the final exam.

A student who receives between 65% and 74% are eligible to retake the final exam within 30 days of the course ending date.

Students must attend 80% of all scheduled classroom hours. Those who do not satisfy attendance requirements will not be eligible to take the course’s final exam.

Instructors will take attendance for every course session. Instructors are responsible for monitoring attendance, including late arrivals and early departures. All hours missed are counted toward the total absences allowed.

If a student wishes to withdraw prior to class starting, they may transfer to another class or receive a full refund. Books must be returned in their original condition before a full refund will be given. Written notice to withdraw or transfer is required. Please refer to our School Policies & Procedure Disclosure for a complete description of our policies.

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